ABH Firearm Safety Course

27/04/2024 - 8:00 am

A B H Firearm Safety Course

Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns

On this course students will learn the basic fundamentals of firearm safety, safe handling, laws, fit and proper persons, ethics, licence application process, legislation, genuine reasons, storage and transport and much more regarding a category A, B and H Weapons licence (rifles, shotguns, pistols)

This course is covered under 11029NAT – Course in Firearms and Weapons Safety (Approved for firearms licensing in Queensland)

Course Details:

Throughout the duration of the ABH firearm safety course students will be evaluated by means of theory, practical and a live fire assessment at the end of the firearm safety course. Once the student has successfully completed the safety course a nationally accredited statement of attainment will be issued to accompany your application for your very own Weapons Licence.

The live fire practical assessment at the end of the firearm safety course will assess the students ability to demonstrate skills and knowledge learnt throughout the duration of the firearm safety course in accordance with the course assessment guidelines written by the Queensland Police Service.

Students will experience an engaging and interactive classroom environment filled with thought provoking topics, receiving valuable hands on experience with the firearms and expert tuition that will make for a memorable and enjoyable day of firearms safety learning.


8 hour face to face, theory, practical and a live fire component.

Start and finish time: 8:00 – 1645


A B H $200

This firearm safety course is for persons wanting to apply for a weapons licence for the use of the following:

Rifles (Rimfire, Centre-fire, Black Powder).

Shotguns (e.g break action).

Lever Action ( Category A and B).

A miniature cannon under 120 cm in barrel length (Category A).

Handgun/pistol (Semi auto, Revolver, Black Powder, Flint lock, Cap and Ball) category H.


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